Presidential Election 2020

A global pandemic and the government’s response. Societal unrest over police brutality. The economy hitting an alarming low. Millions without sustainable income and facing eviction.

(NBC News)

To add to many Americans’ concerns this year, people must choose who they believe is best fit to run the country. Republican President Donald Trump seeks re-election. On the Democrat side, former Vice-President Joe Biden looks to become the 46th president of the United States.

As in recent years, this election is being called the most important in the nation’s history. The two sides are more divided than ever over a multitude of issues with no chance of compromise. Political tribalism is firmly rooted within the nation. Not surprisingly, this means two entirely different perspectives on major issues affecting the country. Each candidate represents his respective party’s policies. Each party is currently trying to swing whatever votes possible toward their candidate.

The easiest way to understand the parties is to look at the policies of each candidate.

All information below is taken from candidate official campaign websites, direct quotes, or the candidate’s social media.


On the Issues
Donald Trump                                                                  Joseph Biden
Believes in swiftly re-opening the country to stop more economic and societal devastation, citing that lockdowns have done as much damage to the country as the pandemic. Claiming a rise in suicides, alcoholism, divorces, and domestic violence to be part of the lockdowns. He also promises there will be a vaccine made as soon as possible.
Believes in keeping the country in lockdown until the pandemic is under control. Biden plans to roll out government financial aid to all immediately affected by COVID-19. He claims to create a panel of experts in order to guide him through the steps he should take and to plan ahead in case something like this happens again.
Said to be in favor of the free market, deregulating small businesses to give them better chances at success, as well as tax cuts for both businesses and families. President Trump has worked to deregulate businesses and remove the government influence.
Believes in a more hands on approach to the economy. More regulations to keep businesses in check, and to protect the common worker. He believes in raising taxes on larger corporations, and citizens to pay for social programs that benefit communities.
Pro-life with the only exceptions being rape, incest or if the life of the mother is threatened. Trump holds that every child born and unborn has a “God-given right to life.” (Taken from the RNC convention this year)
Pro-choice. According to his website, Biden will do everything in his power to stop the overturning of Roe v Wade and will continue to fund clinics like Planned Parenthood that administer abortion services. He believes every woman has the right to her body.
Is working to repeal Obamacare, stating that he wants to give the choice of healthcare back to the people, not the government. He cut taxes for people who choose to buy more inexpensive healthcare and worked to deal with the opioid crisis and end drug addiction.
Will protect the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), saying that it has given over 100 million people easier access to insurance without fear of being denied. Biden believes it will offer a more affordable option to those in low income communities and will protect pre-existing conditions.
Has had unwavering support for police officers, even during this time of unrest. He says he understands the need for reform and supports the right of peaceable assembly. Trump also criticizes the few riots across the country, stating the need for law and order against those that choose to use the peaceful demonstration to cause violence.
Law and Order
(Unrest over police brutality)
Sees both the riots and protests as a wake up call to police brutality. He says now is a time to listen to the people protesting and rioting. Biden also believes reform is greatly needed to lessen police brutality across the United States. He disagrees with Trump’s stance as Biden believes Trump is ignoring the reason for the unrest.
Pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, stating that the U.S paid the most to it and produces the least pollution. He also rolled back the Obama Clean Power plan because he claimed it put energy prices “through the sky.”
Wants to put the U.S back into the Paris Climate Accord, asserting that the country needs to do its part to  protect the environment. He also believes in putting stricter regulation on business practices that damage the environment. He believes raising taxes is an acceptable price to pay for keeping the environment safe.