New grading scale and CCP classes

Looking to improve your grades? Search no more! The new Walsh Jesuit grading scale is here to help, and earning competitive grades is simpler than ever. In addition, College Credit Plus (CCP) courses will be offered for students to earn both WJ and college credit next fall.

The new grading scale has a lot of positives for rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The changes are still fresh, so there’s not much that the students are familiar with yet. The research behind the school’s decision and the benefits that it provides are worth the wait.

“Our grading scale was keeping students from getting into many schools. It seemed as if our students were losing scholarship opportunities. Students could’ve earned a scholarship if they went to another school, but our GPA and grading scale were too far behind from other schools,” said math teacher Mr. Daniel Vaughn. He did extensive research as to why WJ should change its grading scale and resulting GPA.

Mr. Vaughn used his unique ability as a math wizard to explain why we should implement this. He worked with other faculty and staff members for several months before providing data to the administration and full faculty for consideration.

“GPA between letter grades were too far apart. For example, if students scored a 95 on a test, the corresponding GPA would be a 4.0, but if they scored a 94 on another test, then their GPA would be a 3.7. GPA between percentages are going to be 0.1 apart instead of irregular intervals. For example, if students score an 88 for the quarter, the GPA will be similar to other schools,” said Mr. Vaughn.

Seniors who are going to college next fall, like Aubrey Nighman, have a strong opinion on the school’s decision to change the grading scale. “These new classes are lucky. They can take advantage of these new grades unlike we could and now have a better opportunity… to gain scholarships from colleges,” said Aubrey.

Incoming freshmen and rising sophomores and juniors will be impacted most for the 2023-2024 school year.

Junior Nick Cavallaro said, “This new grading scale will definitely help me gain scholarships from colleges. There’s gonna be lots of kids who wouldn’t have gotten scholarship money before who will get it now. Even though it’s a change that we’re only experiencing for a year, we will benefit from it nonetheless.”

In addition, as students registered for next year’s classes, counselors let them know about the option to take CCP courses.

“We want to provide students with the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for their classes while remaining on Walsh Jesuit’s campus,” said Assistant Principal for Academics Mrs. Megan Regan.

However, every student will not be able to take these classes since they will need to meet specific requirements for each course.

“In order to take these classes, students must meet the prerequisites required by Walsh Jesuit and Notre Dame College.  Prerequisites include having taken specific course work prior to beginning the class, having a 3.0 GPA and, in some cases, providing specific test scores,” said Mrs. Regan.

The CCP classes include elective and core subject courses. Both types of classes will present rigorous college-level coursework.

“Next year we begin to offer CCP classes. The two senior English classes can be used to fulfill core subject requirements. The drawing and Spanish classes are elective credits. The courses are: Drawing 1, College Composition, College Composition 2, and Basic Spanish II,” said Mrs. Regan.

Honors French 3 and 4 are also offered as CCP classes through Saint Louis University’s 1818 program. “Students choose if they want the credit or not. French 3 earns three college credits, French 4 earns 6 college credits,” shares French teacher Mrs. Campensa.

Next fall, WJ students will have much to look forward to. There will be more opportunities to take advanced classes and also a two-for-one deal to earn WJ and college credit at the same time.

“These upcoming years will have more memories to come and, with these changes, there will be lots to look forward to with a new grading scale and CCP classes,” said sophomore Nicholas Pascarella.