WJ Hacks


(Brook Smith)

Seniors enjoying the fun that is participating in Spirit Week.

Brooke Smith, Staff Writer

Every fall, naive and timid freshmen desperately search for ways to make their entry into high school easier. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way. In fact, WJ hacks, a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way, can alleviate a freshman’s anxiety.

Many seniors at Walsh Jesuit wish they would have known the ropes as freshmen. Some wish they could re-do freshman year knowing all that they know now. How to get food tops the list.

Bella Lamanna said, “Loading money onto an account for lunch is amazing! I will never go back to paying in cash because I hate carrying around change.”

Getting to know the layout of the school as freshman is essential. The main building is basically two squares stacked on top of each other. It only has a few hallways attached, including the art annex, Alwin Hall, counselors’ offices, the social studies wing, and the chapel. And there’s always the issue of the freshman hall —  through the doors, around the corner…Okay, there’s no easy way to figure the building out.

(Brook Smith)
his map of the school could definitely help freshmen on the first couple days of the school year.

Third, if frosh have manners and are courteous, they will benefit in the long run. Emily Nicholson said, “If you say please and thank you to the Taste of Excellence employees, you will get more fries.”

And, speaking of courtesy, of course acknowledging the superiority of upperclassman is taken for granted. Juniors and seniors have right of way in all the hallways. And freshmen, never, never, never sit at the high table in the Commons. Those are reserved for seniors.

Upperclassmen can all agree in saying that freshman year was a year of learning and fitting in. Being scared is a huge part of it.

Sam Marhofer said, “Freshmen involved in sports should know that they are always going to be a part of the team, but they should always fear the seniors.”

Also, freshmen need to learn that they are definitely not too cool to cheer at WJ events. Instead, they are encouraged to participate and cheer loudly.

Kyah Krenshaw said, “Freshmen should participate in Spirit Week! Don’t worry about being too cool. Just be yourself.”

Seniors learn a lot about saving money after attending Walsh Jesuit for four years. They generously offer advice to freshmen.

Brenna Prem said, “If I have learned anything throughout my four years of high school it is to ask my upperclassman friends to give me their old polos after they graduate. It saves so much money.”

As much as freshmen try, everyone agrees that they are inexperienced in how to study and manage homework in high school.

“My advice to freshmen is to not procrastinate because it can turn into a bad habit. I procrastinated all freshmen year, not realizing that sophomore and junior year were much harder,” offered junior Katie Masteller.

Ultimately, what freshmen need to remember is that no matter how hard they try… they are not seniors… yet.