Defending the border and preserving our heritage

David Beatty, Staff Writer

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Donald Trump supports erecting a wall on the southern border separating Mexico and the United States. The wall guarantees US sovereignty as well as protection for Americans. The President’s proposal also aims to protect the jobs and wages of American citizens.

In addition, the influx of illegal immigration poses threats to those individuals, especially women. A shocking statistic was revealed that about 80% of Central American females who travel to America through Mexico are raped or sexually assaulted, according to the directors of migrant shelters who were interviewed by Fusion, an online newspaper. Another related and significant issue is that America currently struggles with a drug epidemic that continues to devastatingly affect its population. According to The Recovery Village, a rehabilitation center dedicated to helping recovering drug users, “Most of the illicit drugs come into the United States across the US and Mexico border.” The wall places a needed physical barrier between Mexico and the United States so that border agents can stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants to the United States.


President Donald Trump has promised to deport “bad hombres” and “bad dudes” since he announced his candidacy. Deportations to a person’s country of origin are carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an agency of the federal government. Currently, there are roughly 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the US, according to the Pew Research Center.  The LA Times notes that up to 8 million people may eventually be deported under President Trump. This may well prove to be impractical because of the vast resources that would have to be dedicated to deporting such a vast number of people; therefore, one may argue that only illegal immigrants with criminal records should be deported.  According to Politifact, so far under President Trump, 75 percent of the people deported had criminal records , while 82-92 percent of those deported under President Obama had them. Deportations will continue to be carried out under President Trump, and the efforts are likely to be increased and prove beneficial to the United States.

Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities have policies in effect that limit the amount of cooperation between local authorities and the federal government regarding immigration policies, according to The New York Times. Those municipalities shield illegal immigrants from deportation. Mayors such as Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Bill DeBlasio of New York have expressed their intent to maintain their cities’ status despite threats from President Trump to cut federal funding to cities that offer refuge to illegal immigrants. Such suspension of federal funding to sanctuary cities has been popular among GOP  congressional member,s including Republican Texas representatives Louie Gohmert and Brian Babin. Illegal immigrants break US law by entering this country, and to protect them from the consequences of their actions is wrong. A mayor’s priority should be with the American citizens of his or her city.

Despite the controversy surrounding President Trump’s immigration policies, he continues to move forward with his promises. While they may seem harsh, they  ultimately represent the best  policies for the country.

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