March Madness, a look back & predictions [Podcast]

Charlie Farr, Dustin Owen, Anthony Volpe,, Staff Writers

Welcome to the March Madness College Basketball podcast! Our purpose is to provide weekly information to our listeners to keep them updated on the matchups, upsets, and to help them create a bracket to be proud of. The March Madness podcast is hosted by Charlie Farr, Dustin Owen, and Anthony Volpe.

Meet the March Madness podcast team:
Charlie Farr. March is my favorite month of the year because of March Madness, and every year since I was five I have created a bracket. I have won my bracket twice in the past five years and I enjoy researching the matchups beforehand and picking as many upsets as possible. I watch every game and stay up to all hours of the night watching close games. March Madness is my favorite sports tournament of the year and I am excited to share some of my thoughts with listeners.

Dustin Owen. My interest in basketball started my freshman year when I bought my first 2K basketball game, and ever since then I have had a passion for both college and professional basketball. You can always catch me at my local sports pub watching any and every basketball game with a big basket of wings and a saucy smile. March Madness is an emotional time for me as with every loss and upset my bracket gets ruined without fail and makes me act crazy. I can’t wait to share my wisdom with all the plebs out there seeking guidance.

Anthony Volpe. March is hands down one of my favorite months of the year all because of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Every year I’ve entered in multiple brackets in multiple tournaments competing against other students and friends. This year I did a lot of extra research on the teams. I’m very excited to bring you some great information and predictions on this year’s March Madness Tournament.

We hope you enjoy our podcast and feel free to send in questions or comment your opinions on the final four games.