It’s On The Radio!

Oscar Okechukwu, Staff Writer

Walsh Jesuit’s Harmony Gold Show Choir hosted “On The Radio Live” on Friday, November 2, in the WJ Centerstage Theatre. It was Harmony Gold’s second cabaret this year.

“It’s a cabaret because it’s a more intimate style of performing. Instead of having just the entirety of Harmony Gold perform, we have solos and duets for choir members to perform,” Mr. David Banks, the performing arts director, explained.

Harmony Gold Show Choir presented “On The Radio Live” which allowed choir members to perform solos and duets. 

The show featured songs that are often heard on the radio. From modern artists like Khalid, Adele, and Alicia Keys, older classics like Elton John and Frank Sinatra to lesser known artists like Aloe Blacc, there was something for everybody.

Senior Jaime Masetta-Carlton shared, “I think it’s really fun. It’s a great opportunity to show people how talented you are.” Jaime sang “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas and performed a duet with fellow senior Mia Tucker of “Cassiopeia” by Sara Barreiles .

The show was broken up into four parts: a pre-show, Act One, and an intermission, followed by Act Two. There was also a performance from the entirety of the Harmony Gold Show Choir, the WJ Strings Orchestra and Cura Musicalis, Walsh’s newest musical group consisting of sophomore, junior and senior a cappella singers. Senior Jackie Ward performed “Remedy” by Adele. Sophomore Eva Janigian and junior Alylah Brown joined the other members of Cura Musicalis for “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley to which the audience responded with boisterous applause.

At the beginning of Act Two, the audience laughed and clapped as Mr. Banks rose from a coffin dressed as a vampire to direct the orchestra. “When Mr. Banks came out of that coffin, I lost it. The strings [orchestra was] amazing as well!” Jaime said.

Instead of having just the entirety of Harmony Gold perform, we have solos and duets for choir members to perform.

— Mr. Banks

The turnout of students was higher than for recent shows. “I thought it was a nice change to see some student body in the audience. It made all the members of Harmony Gold want to put on the best show we could to show the student body how hard we work,” junior Charlie Kadair noted. Charlie sang “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John with fellow junior Margo Tipping, and a solo performance of “All I Ask” by Adele.

The shows have given opportunities to younger students involved in Harmony Gold to perform by themselves or with others. A freshman, Gracie Kulawiak, shared her experience with her second cabaret show versus her first: “It was a little more difficult to prepare since I played my guitar for ‘On The Radio’ and I just sang for ‘Lights, Camera, Action.’ But, it was also easier because I knew how the process worked,” Gracie said. “I love playing guitar and singing, though, so it was worth the extra work in the end.”

Senior Oscar Okechukwu showcases his musical talents at the CenterStage Theater event.

Toward the end of the night, the audience was able to see and hear a taste of Harmony Gold’s show this year. Songs such as “What A Feelin’” from the 1983 drama and romance film “Flashdance,”, “Maniac” by Michael Sombello, and “Take My Breath Away” from “Top Gun” were performed. The show choir was not in full costume, however, opting instead for totally black clothing. The dance routines and show were designed by choreographer Erik Hall and show designer Jennifer Oundijan, two professionals who have worked closely with the program for years. They were aided by Nick Angiocchi, executive assistant, who normally works with Harmony Gold in the summer and throughout the season.