TikTok ya don’t stop

Kylie Karagiozis, Contributing Writer

The social media app TikTok has blown up in recent months and is now one of the most popular among teenagers. Junior Lauren Depasquale said, “I love TikTok because it fulfills my sarcastic sense of humor.” She feels that the app has gained attention because “of the generic sense of humor Generation Z has.”

Many teenagers compare TikTok to Vine. Users can make short videos, from 15 to 60 seconds long, expressing their creative ideas. The videos cover an extensive range, from dances, style or fashion, comedy sketches, lip-syncing and much more. Users are then able to post these videos and receive likes, comments, and shares from their followers.

Despite the app’s quick popularity and growth, much controversy surrounds TikTok. Many instances of inappropriate content have proven problematic for a platform with the majority of users being minors. Young people can be exposed to inappropriate and suggestive content, which is not strictly monitored by the creators of the app. This leaves parents questioning whether or not to let their children have access.

I love TikTok because it fulfills my sarcastic sense of humor”

— Lauren Depasquale

Some teens do not like TikTok because of the possibility of negative and even mean feedback. Users are quick to criticize and judge posts, causing the person who posted to feel bad about their content. There are also many instances of cyber bullying within the app, which can cause harmful insecurities for users.

“TikTok is a waste of time and pointless,” said junior Johnny Susany, since some students oftentimes find it a distraction.

Despite the negative aspects of TikTok, the majority of users enjoy the app. Sophomore Maria Messina said, “TikTok is an app my friends and I use for entertainment and laughs.”