Retro fashion is here


(Photo via Flickr, Creative Commons License)

Scrunchies and other styles from the ’80s and ’90s are coming back!

Brooke Smith, Staff Writer

Scrunchies have flooded into the American fashion scene along with other throwback styles. Eighties and ’90s fashion has slowly merged with present-day looks. This year’s styles have turned to lighter denim, bright colors, and platform shoes.

Today many runway models and even teenagers wear scrunchies, sometimes in creative ways, like bracelets. Senior Emily Nicholson said, “Lots of girls are wearing [scrunchies] as bracelets and in their hair. I’m even using one today.”

Scrunchies are preferred because they prevent headaches and do not pull hair out like typical hair ties. In addition, as junior Macy Buck observed, “They don’t leave a crimp in your hair.”

According to Teen Vogue Magazine, the return of scrunchies began the mania for throwback styles after they were seen on hit TV shows like Stranger Things. Delaney Davis, another senior, said, “I have seen people wear the kind of denim from the ’80s, chokers, fanny packs, and scrunchies. They are all making a comeback.”

Such retro fashions can be seen in high schools across the country. Many big name brands such as Adidas and Nike are dropping new fashion collections with the retro style. And not just for females.

The fashion trend in 2019 is early-to mid-’90s with the chokers and spaghetti strap shirts. It reminds me of my childhood.

— Mr. Matia

Senior Colin Quinn said, “Throwback fashion is coming back with a twist on it because [established] clothing brands are even adopting the retro look. Thrifting and wearing clothes from the ’80s and ’90s is very in right now.”

Some teenagers think that the current fashion trends took inspiration from the 1980s, while others believe the looks are inspired by the ’90s. But all can agree that throwback fashion is the hot new trend in 2019. Even teachers have noticed the change on dress down days.

Chamber Choir Director Mr. Vince Matia said, “The fashion trend in 2019 is early- to mid-’90s, with the chokers and spaghetti strap shirts. It reminds me of my childhood.”

Delaney Davis spoke for teens everywhere, saying, “I’m loving the new fashion trends.”