She beat Membean!


(Eva Janigian)

Junior Brianna Callahan "beat Membean" by completing all six levels.

Mackenzie Pollard, Contributing Writer

Junior Brianna Callahan “beat Membean” just a few months into her junior year. When she passed the last quiz, her iPad screen announced, “Congrats! You studied all the words from the high school set.”

Students work their way through six levels of proficiency. Most work on levels 1, 2, or 3. Brianna is among a handful of WJ students in the last several years to go beyond the third level. In fact, she completed all six.

Finishing Membean seems an impossible task to some, but for Brianna “learning new vocabulary is entertaining and pretty easy.” As her reward for this accomplishment, she will continue to receive the full amount of points for Membean that students earn every week without ever having to open the website again.

Membean is an online vocabulary program and an effective way to learn words and remember them. Eight years ago, Walsh Jesuit decided to subscribe to the service. All freshmen, sophomores, and juniors spend 30-45 minutes every week completing exercises and taking quizzes on Membean.

Students receive easy points from Membean which boosts their grade. However, students’ opinions are varied about the overall value of the program for learning new vocabulary words.

Junior Natalie Harvey said, “Membean has improved my vocabulary on essays and for the ACT.” However, Jake Campagna, another junior, disagreed. “It is a waste of my time, and I would rather not do Membean every week,” he said.

Nevertheless, the online program helps students broaden their vocabulary. Some, like Brianna, take full advantage of and even enjoy Membean.