Streaming Services

Michael DeSciscio, Staff Writer

To no one’s surprise, streaming services are battling for customers.  With the recent release of Disney +, other services are frantically trying to compete while others are choosing to join up with Disney to succeed.

Verizon immediately jumped on the Disney train to offer customers a one-year free subscription to Disney +.  Senior Tessa D’Errico said, “I have Netflix and Disney +.  I end up watching Disney + because I actually have Verizon, so I get the service for free.”

ESPN, Disney, and Hulu all teamed up, as well, to bring customers the ultimate streaming experience.

Freshman Tommy Perebzak said, “My family bought the package so that we can watch Disney movies, watch ESPN, and stream Hulu. It is one of the best deals out there right now because my family only pays $12.99 a month for all three of these.

These are just a few of the streaming services available. And new ones are being developed all the time. Seniors expressed their preferences based on the programming they most enjoy.

Bailey Rice, a senior, said, “I have had Netflix for a long time, and it is pretty good, but Amazon video is free with Amazon Prime, plus it has a ton of movies and tv shows.”

Conner Cline, also a senior, said, “I pay for my own Netflix and Disney+. I enjoy it, but it is not cheap. Lately, though, I have been using Disney + to watch Disney movies with my friends and family.”

Students love watching tv shows to relax and bond with friends during their busy days.

“I have Netflix and Disney +, but I probably use Netflix the most because I really like watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  My friends and I watch this show and talk about how good it is all the time,” explained junior Meghan Paul.

Not only do students enjoy these services, but one teacher does, as well.

History and psychology teacher Mr. Walter Dodds said, “I am a little bit spoiled in that I have Hulu, Netflix, and Disney +.  I use Netflix the most, but lately I really have gotten into Disney + because I love this new show called ‘The Mandalorian.’

Students and adults are increasingly choosing streaming services over cable because of the wide variety of programming available.