WJ TikTok Stars!


Irish Sullivan, Staff Writer

TikTok, a social media app that allows users to post and view 15-second to 3-minute videos, is a sensation taking over the world and has gained hundreds of millions of followers in the past three years.

Senior Evan Ramicone is one of those users so commonly found throughout the halls of Walsh Jesuit.  “Bro, it’s so addicting! I wake up and scroll, after school I scroll, and even sometimes in class I scroll. I think it’s because it’s super funny and it’s really fast,” Evan excitedly shared.

Being a viewer on TikTok is only one aspect of the application. In addition to being able to view TikTok, anyone can post a video. Zack Reed, another senior and frequent TikTok poster, boasts of a generous 4,700 followers.

“It’s honestly just an outlet for me to post stuff I really enjoy, like the video games I like and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was super cool to find out there were so many people out there that enjoy the same things I do,” Zack said.

Zack clearly loves having a resource to express himself and his interests while finding like-minded individuals. His passion for video games is just one specialized aspect of videos posted to TikTok. Zack’s classmate Mario Pace is also a frequent TikTok poster, but his approach is slightly different.

“I honestly post anything, bro. I make TikTok posts about rap music, Legos, funny jokes, and even basketball highlights. I don’t really have a theme, just stuff I think is funny,” Mario said.

Clearly Mario’s free-spirited approach to TikTok is working as he flaunts a follower count of 2,300. Mario and Zack are two people who have seen great success with the app, but for everyone that is not the case.

Senior Michael Tabone has not seen such success. “Dude, I post the best videos, and no one follows me. That’s alright, though. I’m up next!” declared Michael.

TikTok is clearly making quite a splash with students, and many more are looking to join the fun or become the next great TikToc legend.

“Catch me in Hollywood next year!” said Pace.