Doug’s Dinner Bucket proves delightful [Review]

Kyle Hakes, Staff Writer

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Drive too fast and you might miss it. Doug’s Dinner Bucket is a tiny homestyle breakfast and lunch restaurant that caters to the morning person. For forty-one years, Doug’s has sat a half mile from Walsh Jesuit on the side of Akron Cleveland Road, formerly Route Eight. They welcome anyone (including local high school students) who comes in the door and needs a bite to eat in the morning.

(Kyle Hakes)
Enjoy Doug’s welcoming atmosphere as you eat just minutes from school.

The menu includes meals named after local high schools. The Warrior Breakfast includes pancakes, eggs, home fries, sausage patties, and toast for only around ten dollars.

Senior Glenn Friedman tried the school’s namesake meal and said, “The Warrior Breakfast is a great bang for your buck,” and proclaimed that every student should try the breakfast along with a home-style coffee.

Doug’s is also a great place to get to meet some of the kindest people in the area. The current manager, Pam, is the nicest woman in the state of Ohio, and she is aided in running the business by local firefighters who volunteer their time to help.

Many Walsh Jesuit students attest to the exceptional service and food that Doug’s provides every day. Senior Clay Cotman said, “Eating at Doug’s in the morning is just like eating a breakfast at home.” There’s no doubt that Doug’s offers a offers a level of comfort and good food that is hard to beat.

(Kyle Hakes)
To enjoy quality food and good prices, stop by Doug’s sometime for the most important meal of the day.

Very convenient for would be scholars, the service at Doug’s is incredibly fast. Many students are quite pleased with Doug’s accommodations, including senior Max Snyder, who said, “Doug’s is definitely the move for the morning because I can get something to eat and still make it to first period on time.” Max also stated that he has been to Doug’s countless times and that he has had some great times with friends there as well.

Take it from your peers! Go out and try Doug’s one morning, and you may find your new favorite place for a quick bite to eat. But set your alarms, because Doug’s is only open from 7am to 2pm, meaning students (except for a few lucky seniors) can only enjoy the food before school. You wouldn’t want to miss out on what WJ students are calling the best place in town!


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