Giving Maroon and Gold Day – What is it?


Drew Toth, Staff Writer

Many students shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but perhaps not many know about Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday, as described by Mrs. Marion Drake, The Warrior Fund Director, is a “global phenomenon…[that] comes from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and instead of buying for ourselves we are giving back to others.”

It takes place the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving and serves as an international day of giving to others at the beginning of the holiday season. It started in 2012 and since then has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for people all around the world. So, what exactly does Giving Tuesday have to do with Giving Maroon and Gold Day?

Mrs. Drake said that the special day, which falls on Tuesday, November 27, is an effort “to come together and make a difference.”

Students can help this year by donating warm socks, warm gloves, blankets, AA or AAA batteries or three canned food items to help the Labre Project and the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. In return, they will earn a dress-down for the day. Meanwhile, student volunteers will call current and alumni parents during a phone-a-thon, asking for donations to Walsh Jesuit’s financial programs like The Warrior Fund. Any students looking to further help (and earn service hours) with the day can email Mrs. Drake at [email protected] with any questions.

A committee was formed earlier to help organize the day’s events, such as the phone-a-thon and social media promotions. Committee member senior Gabby Delprete said what she loves most is “the tremendous support and effort on behalf of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents to raise support for Walsh.” Junior Zachary Marshall, another member, said he joined because “it’s a good opportunity to connect with the alumni.”

Last year, the total items raised by students and parents came to:

3,500 canned goods

1,200 pairs of socks

162 batteries

$170,000 for the Warrior Fund

This is a time when we can all work together to have positive impacts on the greater community. Gabby wrapped up the purpose of the day by suggesting, “I would say the best advice is to help. [Giving] Maroon and Gold Day really supports WJ and the families in it. Your support goes a long way.”

(Marion Drake)
Last year, these students gathered in the Commons to celebrate all that was collected during Giving Maroon and Gold Day.