WJ’s new school counselor and football coach

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WJ’s new school counselor and football coach

Sansan Liang, Staff Writer

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What might a football coach’s favorite movie be? Of course, the 1993 football classic Rudy. Meet Mr. Philip Bokovitz, Walsh Jesuit’s newest school counselor as well as defensive coordinator and linebacker coach of the varsity football team.

Originally from the small farm town of Gallipolis, Ohio, Mr. Bokovitz participated in football, wrestling, and the Model UN club in high school and was his senior class vice-president. After he graduated, Mr. Bokovitz attended John Carroll University as an undergraduate and then went on to Saint Vincent College for his master’s degree.

Mr. Bokovitz began his counseling career last year at Benedictine High School. Regarding his role as counselor, Mr. Bokovitz’s focus is on “making sure the students are on track and making sure their goals are attainable.” He added, “I want to have a good relationship with my students.”

Aside from being a counselor, Mr. Bokovitz is also a WJ assistant varsity football coach. He had extensive experience  at John Carroll University for two years, Saint Vincent College for three years, and then at Benedictine High School for three years. Coaching football is something that he enjoys since it is his favorite sport.

I hope to help get students where they want to be, help them achieve their goals, and just build strong stable relationships.”

— Mr. Bokovitz

Kayaking ranks as a close second outdoor activity. “I like going out on Turkeyfoot Lake and the Cuyahoga River. I like it because it is nice and quiet out on the water. It lets me collect my thoughts,” said Coach Bokovitz.

However, “family comes first,” Mr. Bokovitz stated. “It’s a big part of me.” Recently his daughter turned five months old, so family life has been somewhat hectic lately. He really enjoys his family time, especially around the holidays because he has a lot of cousins and his wife does, too. “I love catching up with everyone and seeing all my cousins’ families grow,” he noted. Mr. Bokovitz also enjoys family vacation times. He goes to Hilton Head often with his and his wife’s families.

Overall, Mr. Bokovitz hopes to fully embrace Walsh, build strong relationships, and participate in leadership roles. He said, “I hope to help get students where they want to be, help them achieve their goals, and just build strong stable relationships.” He wants to do this by helping the students academically, socially, and behaviorally through small groups and individual counseling.